Utah State University Study Abroad Faculty Leader HandBook

Welcome and Orientation

Thank you for your interest in providing Utah State University (USU) students with an academic experience abroad. For many students, this may be their first experience outside of the US. A study abroad experience will open their eyes to many of the following: new cultural experiences, a new language, hands-on learning experiences, new friends and group travel/living.
 Study Abroad (SA), a division within  the Office of Global Engagement ( OGE) is here to assist you with many of the aspects of program development including: program proposal and onsite locations, marketing and recruitment, the student application process, budgets, and program planning and logistics, as well as pre-departure health and safety preparation and financial management.

This Program Leader handbook should serve as a reference guide before, during and after the study abroad program experience

Handbook Content

  • Program Development
  • Academic Content
  • Program Leader Roles and Responsibilities
  • Timeline Review
  • Marketing and Recruitment and Application Process
  • Predeparture and Orientation