Apply for Incoming Exchange

  • Talk to your institutional coordinator  about the possibility of study at USU
  • Complete the online application and upload your passport to the application by the USU deadline. Oct 1 for Spring semester; March 15th for Fall Semester.
  • Make sure you list classes you would like to study at USU on your application. You can research possibilities by looking at the USU general catalog.
  • For complete application instructions see the how to apply section of the incoming student page.
  • Application review may take 3-4 weeks.

Receipt of Welcome Packet and Visa Documents

  • About 4-6 weeks after your application is submitted, you will receive your USU welcome packet sent to you by e-mail followed by a hard copy original sent to your institutional coordinator. The welcome pack will include important information about applying for housing, registering for courses, and your DS-2019 document.
  • Review your documents to make sure your name and birthdate are listed correctly. Notify our office of any problems.
  • Complete SEVIS registration online and pay the fee. You can get your SEVIS number on the DS 2019 and it will be emailed to you in the welcome packet email
  • Make an appointment with the US embassy to receive a J-1 student visa. Make sure you take the DS 2019 document, proof of SEVIS payment, your passport and all financial documentation with you.

Housing and Course Registration at  USU

  •  Your welcome letter will include your student number that has an  A followed by 8 numbers. You will use your A number for everything.
  •   Begin registration of USU classes  as soon as you receive your USU A number. You will need to log-in to the ACCESS/Banner system to view current courses available and register for classes
  • Your USU academic advisor can assist you if you need help getting authorization to take a class.
  •  Apply for housing online. Places fill quickly so apply as soon as you receive your welcome pack for best selection. If you are an incoming ISEP student or Kansai Gaidai exchange, USU will pay for your housing and a room will be reserved for you in Greaves Hall.  You will still need to apply for housing, even is a space is reserved for you.

Before you Arrive

  • Buy your airline ticket and email a copy to USU. You must arrive in time for orientation which is held during the week before classes begin.  Check the calendar here or your welcome packet for specific dates.
  • Reserve the shuttle from Salt Lake airport or downtown to Logan. Allow 2 hours to get to Logan.
  • NOTE: With a J-I student visa you can enter the US 30 days before the beginning date on your DS-2019 and leave the US no later than 30 days from the end date listed on your DS -2019.
  •  Purchase only approved USU insurance plans for the dates you arrive in the US until the date you leave. See welcome packet information or here for insurance requirements. Coverage must continue the entire time you are in the US. Send your proof of insurance to USU Study Abroad.
  • Early registration ends in mid-August for Fall and mid-December for spring semester. All payments that are your responsibility must be paid by that date or you will lose your class registration and you will have to start over.  These payments could be housing, meal plans, and/or class fees.
  • ALL students must pay any special class fees for science labs, some business class material fees, language labs, physical education classes. A class fee will be listed on your student financial section of your ACCESS/BANNER account. These fees will be listed with the class information before you register.
  • Read about USU-there are many activities and clubs to get involved with.
  • If you request one, you will be assigned a USU student buddy to answer questions and help you adjust to your stay in Logan.

Exchange Students