US citizens need a passport to enter other countries. It may take six weeks or more to get a passport. For those over 16, the passport is valid for ten years. It is your official identification as a citizen of the United States. It will be checked upon leaving and entering every country, and provides official identification.  .

Note: Many countries require that your passport be valid for at least six months from your departure date from that country.

You must apply for a passport in person for first-time applicants over 16.  Apply early to avoid complications caused by misplaced birth certificates, etc and bring the following with your completed application:

  1. Proof of US citizenship (i.e. a certified copy of birth certificate)
  2. Proof of identity (i.e. valid driver's license)
  3. Two identical photographs (2X2 with white background)
  4. Fee $135
  5. Social security number

You can apply at the following local office in Logan:

Logan Main Post Office
75 W. 200 N.
Logan UT
For the most current information and to obtain a printable application, please visit the Department of State website.

You should sign and fill in the emergency information page on your passport as soon as you receive it. Take extra passport photos with you in case you lose your passport and need to have it replaced quickly. It may also be a good idea to bring your driver's license or other government ID to facilitate a replacement of a lost passport abroad.

Upon receipt of the new passport, make two photocopies of the page with your picture and passport number on it. Leave one at home with some one you trust, and carry the other copy with you separate from your passport. If you lose your passport your copy will make it easier to get a replacement from the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Again, see the Department of State website should you need to replace your passport. Here you will find specific instructions.

While your passport application is in process, find out if you need a visa and, if so, print the visa application from the host country Embassy/Consulate web site or send for the forms you will need from the host country Embassy/Consulate for your home state.