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Study Abroad Program Fees

Program fees are determined per program. See find a program flyers for details regarding what is included or not included in the program fee.

Exchange Semester Programs

USU students have the opportunity to pursue affordable study abroad opportunities through USU partner institutions or an ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) partner institution.Program fees are are based on USU tuition. USU students pay this fee at USU to receive a place abroad and swap places with an incoming exchange student from a partner location.
With ISEP and USU partner Kansai Gaidai University, the exchange program fee also includes room and 19 meals per week during the exchange semester. By paying local prices for these amenities, exchange program fees are very affordable and students know before they go how much they will pay for these costs.
Program fees for semester programs are usually due August 1st (Fall semester) and January 1st (Spring semester).

Affiliate Provider Programs
USU offers students the opportunity to study abroad for a semester with several affiliate providers. Program fees are set by the provider and expand the opportunities for study abroad in far-flung destinations. See each affiliate for details regarding the application process, deadlines, program locations, dates and fees.

Summer/Short-Term Programs

USU summer faculty-led programs, or summer programs sponsored by ISEP or USU affiliate programs (ex. CIEE, ISA, SAI Programs, SIT), have separate program fees established with specific program inclusions. The USU or affiliate websites provide up-to-date and accurate costs for these programs. Programs vary in length, location, and courses of study.


In the planning phase, carefully assess estimated expenses and calculate the amount of money you will need to successfully embark on a study abroad program. Include scholarships, grants and loans and how much you will need in personal funds to cover all expenses. It is always wise to have extra funds available in case of any unexpected expenses. 

Financial Aid

  •  Students who qualify for Pell Grants and/or other federal loans can apply these awards to their study abroad program fees. Please discuss your financial aid questions with the USU Financial Aid Office and apply directly through their office. Be aware of any limitations on these awards, such as minimum credit requirements.
  •  USU Scholarships can often be applied to a study abroad program. Please check requirements for your specific scholarship and contact the USU Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility for use during a study abroad program.

USU Financial Aid Office - Overview
USU Scholarships

Study Abroad Scholarships

The awards listed at the below link are national or international awards that are competitive in nature. Please review eligibility criteria carefully. Deadlines may change. Please refer to program websites for the most current information.

Scholarships for Study Abroad