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Faculty Host

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USU faculty members interested in hosting a visiting scholar


Faculty hosts initiate the DS-2019 immigration document request process by completing the form in Service-Now, which can be accessed at

  • Faculty hosts will need to upload a letter of invitation on department letterhead which includes:
    •  Program objectives
    •  Program start date and end date
    •  The cost of the program (in US dollars) and identification of  the sources of funding and amounts (in US dollars)
      • Exchange visitors must show a minimum of US$1,500.00/ month to pay for living expenses, plus any additional charges assessed by the department.
    • Documentation of who will purchase the insurance policy to meet the J-1 visa health insurance requirements. 
    • Verification the visiting scholar’s English proficiency is sufficient for program and daily living needs.
  • Faculty hosts will provide the index number which will be used to pay for the DS-2019 processing fee.
    • Visiting scholars can pay for DS-2019 documents for their dependents through this PayPal link.
  • Service-Now will automatically route the request for the appropriate departmental approvals.

Service-Now sends an email to the visiting scholar titled “Qualtrics Survey for USU DS-2019” once the faculty host completes the request form. This email contains a link which enables the scholar to provide the required documentation for the DS-2019 immigration document. These documents include:

  • CV/ resumé
  • Copy of passport for scholar and any dependents
  • Financial affidavits verifying financial support for the visiting scholar program

It takes us approximately one week to generate the DS-2019 document after receiving all of the documentation.

Please note federal regulations prohibit us from making and providing copies of the DS2019 form and thus we cannot e-mail the document to the international visitor. 

The visiting scholar will need to pay the SEVIS fee of US $180.00 at: once they have received the DS-2019 document. The visiting scholar will take the receipt for this payment along with the DS-2019 document along with the documents provided for the DS-2019 (passport, CV, financial affidavit) to the visa interview.

Visiting scholars can purchase access to USU facilities by completing and returning this form to the Registrar’s Office.