International Partnerships

International students/ scholars involved in scholarly activities at Utah State University facilities need to be present on a J-1 or F-1 visa. Documents required to obtain these visas (DS2019/ I20) are issued through the Office of Global Engagement. Information about visiting scholars can be found here.

  • International students in programs of less than 3 weeks may participate through the use of a tourist visa.
  • All scholars are eligible for a J1 visa regardless of the length of their program.
  • Delegations of international visitors who come to USU to familiarize themselves with the campus, facilities, and program offerings or for meetings related to the development and implementation of partnership activities are exempt from the J-1 visa requirement.

All international students/ scholars are to check-in at the Office of Global Engagement regardless of their visa status.

  • The Office of Global Engagement provides a variety of services for incoming scholars including immigration services.
  • Additional services can be arranged through International Programs on a fee-for-service model to help departments receive international visitors on campus. Click here to learn more.


The Office of Global Engagement serves as Utah State University’s (USU) clearinghouse for all international delegations and Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs).


International Delegates Visiting USU

Please contact Shelly Ortiz at (435) 797-1647 or to coordinate a visit from an international delegation.

The Office of Global Engagement will provide the delegation with a letter of invitation specifying the details of the visit and USU’s responsibilities once the details of the visit have been finalized.

International Agreements

For an academic unit to initiate an agreement with an international institution:

A Memorandum of Agreement of Cooperation (MOA) must be signed by the president of Utah State University before academic units can establish specific agreements.

1. Contact Shelly Ortiz at or (435) 797-1647 to obtain USU’s MOA template.

2. Provide Shelly Ortiz with the final version of the MOA and written confirmation from the other institution indicating they are in agreement with the proposed document.

a. Please indicate if there is a preferred order of signatures for the document e.g. the international institution prefers to sign before sending for USU signature.

3. Janis L. Boettinger, Director of the Office of Global Engagement, will review the proposal and route for review by the university’s legal counsel before sending the MOA on to the President’s Office for signature.

4. The Office of Global Engagement will keep one document of the agreement with all signatures and send the other document with all signatures to the international institution. The academic unit will receive an electronic copy of the signed agreement.

Academic units may develop specific agreements with the international institution once the MOA is in place.

The President must also sign the specific agreement as noted in USU policy #528: Contract Signature, Authority, and Delegation.

  • The Director of the Office of Global Engagement and the university’s legal counsel must review all international agreements before signing.
  • Please provide a copy of the document along with confirmation from the other institution indicating they are in agreement with the proposed document to Shelly Ortiz for this purpose.

Specific agreements which include exchange of monies must be reviewed by the Office of Global Engagement and then submitted to the Department of Sponsored Programs and handled through their processes.