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Anuj Khasgiwala - First International USUSA Academic Senate

Anuj Khasgiwala
Anuj Khasgiwala is an international graduate student from India. He won the Graduate senator position as part of the USUSA 2017-2018 elections. When Anuj was asked to describe why he applied for such a competitive position he answered "My main priority is to bring in more funds to facilitate innovative research for different graduate schools. I also plan to work towards bridging the gap between different schools. USU has around 3,000 Graduate students, majority of them being International Students. Thus, many of them spend most of the time away from their families.

The academic pressure that comes from performing well and distance from loved ones can creates an environment for various hardships, the principle one being mental health. I plan to help them overcome those barriers and help create a platform where they can come with their problems. International students generally have to pay a handsome amount in the course for completing their studies. Me being an International Student, I know the debt we are accumulating. I plan to work with the Academic Senate, the Fee Board and other 17 councils to address the necessary issues."