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International Undergraduate Application Fee Payment

Please pay your undergraduate application fee by credit card. If you have questions about making the payment email

How to make your payment:
1. Enter your complete name as you entered it on your application
2. Click Pay Now
3. Pay USD 50.00

Your receipt will be emailed to the email address you provide.

Please review the terms and conditions before making your payment.

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Terms and Guidelines

Refund Policy

We do not provide refunds.

Privacy Policy

Customer information is collected for the purpose the international undergraduate application to Utah State University. This information is classified as private/internal data at Utah State University and is not shared. Any privacy concerns should be directed to Utah State University’s Information Security Office at 435-797-8410.


Utah State University has the utmost respect for our customer’s privacy and security. USU takes great measures in providing secure solutions to collect payment. In accordance to state, federal, and industry security requirements.

This website will reference current terms and conditions on which the Office of Global Engagement will operate.

Terms and Conditions

Definition of Key Terms
The Office of Global Engagement is a division within Utah State University and will providing the purchased product or service.

Customer – the individual completing the request to buy a product or service.

Proper and expected use – Activities on this site is for defined use and shall not violate any law, statue, ordinance, or regulation.

Utah State University prides itself on excellent customer service and strives to make your online experience positive and secure. 

User rights and responsibilities
Upon request by the customer, the customer account can be made inactive, but historical data associated with the account will remain in USU’s system.

Pricing – Prices vary depending on product selected. Individual products are priced accordingly. 

Opting out – Due to nature of the system, once a purchase is complete, the order is stored in a secure system and cannot be expunged. 

Accountability for online conduct - Utah State University’s international undergraduate admissions operates in accordance with the Cash Handling policy 530 and the Information Security Office policy 558

Delivery / Shipping
By paying the USD 50.00 international undergraduate application fee, your application will be submitted. Check your email for updates regarding your application status. If you have questions, contact