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Student Testimonials

Learn from recent study abroad alumni about their experiences across the globe. 

Brooke in Taiwan 

Brooke in front of a lake

 "You learn to be patient and take life more slowly so you can enjoy it more fully. Each culture has different perceptions about time. In unique ways, each culture takes some things more slowly than others... I think people’s capacity to be more patient increases as they live in a new culture. Study abroad helps you live in the moment, slow down, and value education, work, or wherever you are at in life.”

Brooke Wayment, Feng Chia University, Taiwan. Exchange. Fall 2018. 

Kisia in Ecuador

Kisia in front of a boat on the Napo River in the Amazon

“My favorite experience from this trip was tubing down the Napo River in the Amazon Rainforest. A canoe dropped us off on one side of Anaconda Island where we hiked through the rainforest to reach our tubes and lifejackets. While hiking across Anaconda Island we found a swamp that was home to approximately 15 Caiman. Once we trekked across the island to obtain our tubes and lifejackets we began our float down the Napo River. The best part about this entire experience was seeing spider monkeys swinging from the top of the trees we floated alongside. This was an experience I’ll never forget!”

Kisia Weeks, Agriculture Teacher International Professional Development Program, Ecuador. Faculty-led. Summer 2018. 

Alexa in Spain

Alexa in Spain

Study abroad will be one of the more enriching and eye-opening experiences of your life. It gives me chills to think about what it has done for me. To learn how to be independent in another country, learn and adapt to a new culture, and possibly a new language is one of the best things you can do for yourself. That being said, engage as much as possible! Speak their language and follow their habits, you're there to learn and GROW!”

Alexa Gilbert, University of Valencia, Spain. Direct (ISA). Fall 2017. 

Cameron in Honduras

Cameron West with students

"...I wasn't there to impose my own culture through these projects, rather use their knowledge and skills to help see what they wanted and needed in their communities. We can't disregard culture in development. Development isn't and shouldn't be tied with American culture."

Cameron West, Community Development, Honduras. Faculty-led. Summer 2017.