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How to Apply

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  • Meet with your study abroad advisor to discuss program options based on your goals 
  • Find program(s) that match your interests
  • Check that you meet GPA recommendations and requirements for the program
  • Meet with your academic advisor to fit study abroad in your academic career 
  • Search programs
    • “Apply Now” button
    • Follow the instructions in the application
    • Estimated time to complete an application is 30 minutes to 1.5 hours* 

*Save your work often, as you will be automatically logged out after an idle period of time.  

Apply Now

Application Instructions for Program Types


  • Complete the USU study abroad application
  • Faculty-led programs may require interviews or additional applications

USU Exchange Programs

  • Complete the USU study abroad application

Direct Provider

  • Complete the USU study abroad application
  • Complete provider's application
      • International Student Exchange Progam (ISEP), International Studies Abroad (ISA), Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), School for International Training (SIT)

*ISEP is the most popular provider. See below for application instructions. 

ISEP Application Instructions

  • Rank up to 10 programs in one application
  • Most students rank 3 to 5 programs
  • When filling out the USU study abroad application, list your top choice program from your ISEP ranking. 
*ISEP has the final say of where students are placed. If you are accepted by USU before you are accepted by ISEP, it simply means that we have accepted your application in general for that term. We will change your placement in the USU application to match your placement made by ISEP. ISEP's placements trump USU's placements.