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Current Scholars

Visiting scholars currently at USU

The Office of Global Engagement provides immigration advising and orientation to individuals in J-1 status, as well as programs and activities for these scholars and their dependents. If you need to make an appointment with an international advisor, please call (435) 797-1124 or email

Information and Forms for Exchange Visitors

Academic Training
Explanation of the 212(e), Two-Year Home Residence Requirement
Important Documentation for J-1 Visa Holders
J-1 DS-2019 SEVIS Transfer Verificiation Form

Visiting Scholar Transfer-In Request

The faculty host initiates the DS-2019 request process as noted on our webpage Hosting a Visiting Scholar.

Visiting Scholar Transfer-Out

Visiting scholars submit a request to transfer their program to another institution through the Exchange Visitor Transfer-Out Request.

§  They will need to upload a copy of the letter of invitation/ appointment from the new institution, and provide the new program sponsor number and sponsor representative contact information.

§  The faculty host at USU will receive notification to review the request before Global Engagement evaluates the request.

J-1 Employment Information
J-1 Insurance Requirements

Visiting Scholar Extension

A faculty member may request to extend a visiting scholar’s program by initiating the Exchange Visitor Extension Request in ServiceNow.

§  S/he will need to upload a funding letter if the department will provide funding for the extension.

§  The financial officer (if department providing funding), department head, and dean will receive notification to authorize the extension as part of the ServiceNow process.

§  The visiting scholar will receive notification to complete a survey to upload copies of their financial affidavit (if funding is from source other than the department), and extension of the required insurance.

J-1 Re-Entry Form
J-1 Roles & Responsibilities
J-2 Work Permission
Visiting Scholars USU Access Form

Current Scholars

Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) Emergency Hotline: 1-866-283-9090
This is a 24/7 toll-free telephone number which allows exchange visitors to directly contact the U.S. Department of State in emergency and urgent situations. Exchange visitors also need to follow up with the Office of Global Engagement as soon as possible.