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Faculty Host

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USU faculty members interested in hosting a visiting scholar


Faculty Host Instructions

Faculty hosts initiate the DS-2019 immigration document request process by completing the form in Service-Now, which can be accessed at

  • Faculty hosts will need to upload a letter of invitation on department letterhead which includes:
    •  Program objectives
    •  Program start date and end date
    • Program expectations/ outcomes e.g. publications, listing of authors, intellectual property
    •  The cost of the program (in US dollars) and identification of  the sources of funding and amounts (in US dollars)
      • Exchange visitors must show a minimum of US$1,500.00/ month to pay for living expenses, plus any additional charges assessed by the department.
    • Documentation of who will purchase the insurance policy to meet the J-1 visa health insurance requirements. 
    • Verification the visiting scholar’s English proficiency is sufficient for program and daily living needs.
    • Complete and provide the English proficiency form based on your verbal communication with the visiting scholar.
  • Faculty hosts will provide the index number which will be used to pay for the DS-2019 processing fee.
    • Visiting scholars can pay for DS-2019 documents for their dependents through this PayPal link.
  • Service-Now will automatically route the request for the appropriate departmental approvals.
Departments grant visiting scholars access to IT Services, Library Services, and Campus Recreation facilities by submitting the required form to the Registrar's Office. Note the workflow at the bottom of the form. Departments must submit this form at the beginning of each semester to maintain access to services.

Visiting Scholar Instructions

Service-Now sends an email to the visiting scholar titled “Qualtrics Survey for USU DS-2019” once the faculty host completes the request form. This email contains a link which enables the scholar to provide the required documentation for the DS-2019 immigration document. These documents include:

  • CV/ resumé
  • Copy of passport for scholar and any dependents
  • Financial affidavits verifying financial support for the visiting scholar program
  • Visiting scholars need to show the total amount for their program with a minimum living expense of US$1,500/ month
    • E.g. a visiting scholar coming for 12 months needs to provide proof of funding in the amount of US$18,000 ($1,500 x 12 months)
  • Visiting scholars need to show funding for dependents for the entire duration of their program at the rate of US$5,573/ year (or part thereof) funding for a spouse and US$3,413/ year (or part thereof) for each child.
    • E.g. a visiting scholar with a spouse and one child coming for a 15 month program needs to provide financial affidavits for a total amount of US$38,500
      • US$1,500/ month x 15 months for the visiting scholar = US$22,500
      • US$5,000 x 2 years for the spouse = US$10,000
      • US$3,000 x 2 years for the child = US$6,000

Documentation Generation and Fees

It takes us approximately one week to generate the DS-2019 document after receiving all of the documentation. Please note federal regulations prohibit us from making and providing copies of the DS-2019 form and thus we cannot e-mail the document to the international visitor. 

The visiting scholar will need to pay the SEVIS fee of US $220.00 at: once they have received the DS-2019 document. The visiting scholar will take the receipt for this payment along with the DS-2019 document along with the documents provided for the DS-2019 (passport, CV, financial affidavit) to the visa interview

The department is required to submit the Visiting Scholars Fee Authorization Form to the Registrar’s Office before the scholar arrives and for each subsequent semester. This will assign the scholar’s A-number to a group role as well as grant access to USU facilities. The department determines if they or the scholar will pay the corresponding fee.

Export Control

Visiting Scholars are subject to export control laws. Visiting Scholars may be subject to Restricted Party Screenings.


Visa wait times vary by U.S. embassy or consulate. Consult the U.S. government website to determine the visa appointment wait time for a particular post.

Note: The U.S. Department of State prohibits hands-on interaction for exchange visitors’ programs in regards to patients, children, elderly, and animals. Please contact the Office of Global Engagement at 797-1124 or for more information about these restrictions.