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Faculty Host

USU faculty members interested in hosting a visiting scholar


Before we can generate the DS-2019 immigration document, please gather the following items:

1. A completed DS-2019 Request Packet completed by the faculty host and signed by the department head.

2. Click here to upload and send the completed DS-2019 Request Packet and supporting documents to the Office of Global Engagement.

3. A completed English Proficiency Certification for Exchange Visitors form

4. The visitor's curriculum vita

5. Copy of the visitor's passport

6. A letter of invitation from the faculty mentor, which includes: 
* Program Objectives
* Program start date and end date
* The cost of the program (in US dollars) and identification of the sources of funding and amounts (in US dollars)
* Documentation of who will purchase the insurance policy to meet the J-1 visa health insurance requirements.
* Verification of the the exchange visitor's English proficiency is sufficient for program and daily living needs.

7. Financial affidavits verifying the funding amounts identified in the letter of invitation.

Please upload these items to the new DS-2019 Request Packet secure form and send a confirmation email to

Once we have this information it takes us less than a week to generate the DS-2019 document and coordinate delivery to the visiting scholar. *Please note federal regulations prohibit us from making and providing copies of the DS-2019 form and thus should never be e-mailed to the international visitor.

After the visitor has received the DS-2019 document they will need to pay the SEVIS fee of USD $180.00 at: The visa applicant will take the receipt for this payment along with the DS-2019 document and document provider to their visa interview.

Visiting scholars will need to purchase access to USU facilities by completing and following the instructions on this form: